Mansfield GC Practice Putting Green1 Aces2 Kings3 Queens4 Jacks5 10's6 Mr President....7 Always smiling for the camera8 A beaming Mick Gillies9 Sara10 And Hubby Paul11 Bazz having a laugh at one of the scores......12 World Stableford Champion - Paul Allen13 Mellie making a new UGAGB trophy out of Graham's head14 Longest Drive & Nearest Pin Winner15 Nearest Pin in 2 Winner16 Individual Runner-Up17 Nervous Anticipation18 Order of Merit Winner 201319 Paul thanking the society for the award20 The first of many21 Oder of Merit Runner-Up 201322 Chalk & Cheese..23 50% of team UGAGB in China24 Mellie25
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