Bradford boys ready for the off1 The golfers2 First up Derek Gosling - straight into the water3 Bazz Bdzola4 Mick Gillies5 Paul Allen6 Derek 3 off the tee I'm afraid7 Mick Gillies playing a provisional8 Roman checking out the competition9 There's always one......JP!10 Steady Ray Gregory11 Paul Killoran12 Slawko Bdzola sending the ball home13 What shall we wear tomorrow then, hmmmm???14 The beautiful Sarah Allen15 And her hubby Paul16 Bazz chilling out17 Rev Drapan saying grace before dinner18 And his congregation19 Food at last20 Graham and Keith Holmes21 His Mrs told him to behave...22 Steve and Mick23 Lovebirds xxxx24 Shaw's finest25 Roman and Mick Gillies26 Mick celebrating a win27 Bazz, Slawko and Nick28 Too much sun Derek??29 Team Huddersfield30 Show me answers Mick, please..31 Ok bro, I've got the answers.32 Quiz Master Mick33 I suspect some cheating going on34 Party time in Room 30135 Bazz with his favourite tipple36 6 in the bed and the little 1 said37 A glowing Mick Gillies38 Rev Mychajlo Drapan39 Where's mine JP?40 Graham stayed awake this year!!41 Dont lean back Bazz42 More Mellie celebrations43 UGAGB choir rehersal44 Sunday prize giving45 Well done Paul46 Prize winner Keith47 Prize winner Slawko48 Prize winner Ray49 In your mouth Bazz not on your trousers50 Sunday comp winner Mick51 Par 3 winner Mick again52 Par 5 winner Mick......again53 Overall weekend winner Mick54 Derek picked up a prize as well55 Bazz, Mr UGAGB Organiser, thanks Bazz56
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